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Certified Instructor Education - Group Care (free demo)

In this education, you will learn the research based principles of quality care for children without parental contact. We educate instructors to train caregivers and their daily leaders in group care settings, using FairstartGlobal’s online staff training sessions.

About this course

This demo version is free. It gives you access to the introduction module and module 1. Create an account and sign in to view the demo.

Are you interested in organisational development and high quality education for your staff? Do you want to improve your skills in making positive changes in the lives of at-risk children around the globe? Fairstart offers you a Certified Instructor Education in how to teach our online training programme, which is a research-based tool to improve care for children growing up in group-care settings without their parents.

Acquired instructor competences

In this exiting learning process instructors will:

  • Work from research-based principles of attachment-based childcare
  • Learn how to train and educate groups of people
  • Acquire skills in creating better cooperation between caregivers
  • Contribute to building local professional childcare systems
  • Be co-designers of their own and others' learning processes
  • Become part of an international instructor community

Structure and content

8 modules take participants through a unique mix of practical teaching and theoretical learning on this online education platform. The platform offers a range of guides, videos and forums for support, creativity and sharing among students. The education is a class-based course, but is not limited by geography, meaning that a student team takes the education together but may do it from different locations. Between each module, instructor students will train a caregiver group in Fairstart's online training programme (available on our webpage). It is your own responsibility to make arrangements with a staff group, but you will receive thorough guidance in how to prepare, perform and evaluate your caregiver training.

The education complies with European Union educational standards at level 5, and your participation will make you an attractive, professional developer of social systems for children without parental care.

A tool for professional development

The process of becoming an instructor is not only an exciting process for you - the caregivers who receive your training will learn how to develop constructive practices and how to continously implement them in their workplace. Research shows that children who live with well-educated and competent staff experience significantly higher success as adults in both their personal, social and professional lives.

Since 2005, Fairstart has been developing complete training programmes that provide caregivers with practical skills and knowledge enabling them to perform the care that at-risk children need. The instructor education is your opportunity to spread and teach this knowledge. You can become an active agent of change!

For more information about the instructor education, please scroll to the buttom of this page, click "About" and follow the link to our website. Click on "Certified Instructor Education" in the top menu bar and carefully read the two texts: "Become an Instructor" and "Read More".


There are no academic prerequisites, but it will be an advantage if you are interested in advancing your skills in one or more of these areas:

  • Practice in caring for children and youth, and especially children at risk.
  • Experience in training or teaching groups.
  • Theory and knowledge concerning high risk children and youth.

The only practical condition for participation, is that you make an agreement with a group of caregivers (and their leader) to work with them for three hours every two weeks during the education. In total, you need time with the group for one initial interview and for six training sessions. You will also need to have internet access in order to use the online training sessions.

Course Staff

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Auth. DPA clinical child psychologist, Niels Peter Rygaard